We are a passionate group of professionals with a mission to help you face your digital challenges.

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Tailored software, Software development and Web development

Tailored software & Web development for companies
Tecnología a medida

We value.

> Collaboration
> The commitment
> The purpose
> We love learning and teaching
> We seek constant improvement
> We are not conformists
> We are passionate about technology

Our mission.

“We seek to be the connection between business and technology, helping our clients face and overcome their technological challenges”

Eduardo Hernández Villa - CEO - Bakslash

Our focus

Our focus lies in forging deep connections and comprehensively understanding the needs of our clients at all levels. Although the final product is technological, we maintain that communication constitutes the fundamental pillar for a comprehensive understanding and to effectively reflect what we aspire to materialize in each project. For this reason, we focus our efforts on integrating both a technical and strategic business vision.

What we offer


Mobile application development

We create intuitive and effective mobile applications that adapt to the specific needs and objectives of your business. Our user-centric designs improve the customer experience and help drive your business’s growth.


Website development

Our team of experts builds custom applications, web development and tailor made software that offer an attractive interface and first-class functionality. We strive to reflect your business vision in every digital solution we create.

Definición del roadmap y producto backlog

Business intelligence and data visualization

We offer business intelligence solutions that transform your raw data into valuable information. Our clear, concise data visualizations let you make data-driven decisions with confidence.

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Backend and API development

We develop custom APIs and custom technology that allow the efficient integration of various platforms and technologies. Our solutions guarantee interoperability and efficient data exchange between different systems and applications.

Desarrollo y colaboración

Early project validation

We use agile methodologies to deliver prototypes and minimum viable versions (MVP) quickly and efficiently. This service allows you to validate your concepts with real users or investors before moving to the full development phase.

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Projects based on artificial intelligence (AI)

We implement artificial intelligence solutions to help your company optimize operations, increase efficiency and gain a competitive advantage.


Do you have a project in mind?

Fantastic! Our team is ready to dive into your vision, understand your needs, and help you bring that tailor made software project to life.