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What we do.

We work in various industries and businesses, carrying out implementation and tailored software projects and app development, both in Backend and Frontend. Our expertise in database systems and Business Intelligence (BI), with a particular focus on data visualization through personalized Dashboards, has allowed us to expand our vision and business strategy, always supported by the latest technology. We specialize in custom software development with a personalized approach.


Software Design and Development.

We help you with everything, from the design/mockup process and alignment of your brand to the layout for the development of your website, software development project or Ecommerce. We have the latest AI tools and professionals specialized in different technologies that will help you find the best option for your business aligned with the best positioning practices (SEO) & performance.

Tailored Software

Prototyping and Tailored software for validation.

We apply agile methodologies to all our projects so that development and deployment times are aligned with your launch times and expectations. For this we have professionals with experience in Kanban and Scrum who will be able to take your minimum viable product (MVP) to the Internet so that you can validate what you need in record time with your clients. We use cutting-edge technologies and frameworks for your challenges and the tailored software development for your projects.


Mobile applications for iOS & Android.

Do you want to create a cross-platform mobile application for iOS or Android? Our team specializes in React Native, an open source framework created and maintained by Meta Inc (Facebook). This allows us to develop applications in record time that meet all the performance expectations and terms of both Google and Apple to stand out in the application stores. We also provide a complete service that integrates other technologies to your requirements, such as web development and APIs.

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Business Intelligence (BI) & Data Visualization.

Our team has business experience in operations, marketing and analysis areas that enable a complete integrated view for BI solutions. This allows us to help you compile analysis and dashboards for your business. Do you want to understand what is impacting your campaigns? All our projects are aligned with the data vision to understand and improve the definition of your business strategies and tactics.

Desarrollo Backend y Sistemas API

Backend development and API systems.

We work developing Backend & API projects in different development frameworks such as Fast API and Flask in Python or Next.js, Express among others in Javascript. This allows us to make the vision more flexible that best suits the requirements of your project without sacrificing time or scalability. We also work with integrations in different Cloud solutions that allow us to launch quickly and with record times with the highest security rules.

Implementación de proyectos IA

Projects based on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

You are motivated to develop your own Chatbot or AI solution based on massive language models (LLM) such as Chat GPT (Microsoft) or Llama (Meta), our team specializes in custom technology development to cover your Artificial Intelligence needs following the latest technology trends.

Why choose us for your Tailored software development?

“We have a personalized approach that allows us to understand the problems and objectives of our clients from their business, being a real support to their needs”

Our personalized approach and industry experience make us the ideal choice if you are overwhelmed by multiple options and need to better understand which tool will best fit your needs.

We have been involved in projects of different magnitudes in which, thanks to our work methodologies, we have been able to help our clients quickly and with direct results to their objectives.

software development

Our goal is to help you understand how technology and its tools can grow your business.

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We get involved in your business and the objectives you want to achieve.

We teach you in a personalized and simple way.

We help you reach the potential of your business or idea without headaches.

Learn more about the tools we use.

Bakslash stands out in the development of custom software & technology, offering personalized solutions that integrate perfectly into the global entrepreneurship and technology ecosystem. With solid experience in using the most popular and advanced tools, we pride ourselves on our ability to work with leading platforms such as WordPress, which dominates more than 40% of the web market, demonstrating its wide acceptance and versatility.

Additionally, we are at the forefront of innovation in e-commerce, dominating platforms such as Shopify & WooCommerce, both recognized for their significant growth and their ability to boost online businesses in recent years. These platforms are ideal for those looking for robust and reliable solutions for online sales, with a wide range of functionalities that adapt to market trends and consumer expectations.

For those projects that require a unique and completely customized approach, our team of experts has deep expertise in multiple programming languages and frameworks. This enables us to create bespoke applications that specifically respond to your business needs, ensuring each solution is as unique as your business vision.


Designed for Business

WordPress is a multipurpose content management system (CMS) that can be used for both small websites and those businesses that need to continually expand due to the constant addition of content.


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Designed for Development

React is a Javascript library that is designed to create all types of user interfaces (UI) facilitating the development of single page applications (SPA).

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Designed for Ecommerce

WooCommerce is an eCommerce and website shopping cart plugin designed for WordPress. This versatile plugin is designed to meet the needs of both small and large merchants.

#Ecommerce #WooCommerce

We are committed to the development of custom software & technology, understanding that each industry and each client has unique challenges. Therefore, we are not only dedicated to building software, but also lasting relationships with our clients, thoroughly understanding their requirements and aiming to exceed their expectations with cutting-edge technological solutions that drive success and innovation.

If you can imagine it we can help you build it.

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