Web Development & Custom Web Development Services.

Do you need help with web and app development services? We specialize in bespoke websites that are search engine optimized and easy to use.

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Adjusted design to deliver the best experience and usability for your users (UX/UI).

We help you find the best design thanks to specific proposals that you can review before working on your site. Don’t have images or content or the web development team is having difficulty?
Don’t worry, we’ll help you with everything so you can focus on your business. We are specialized in web and app development services with the best tools and technology of the market.

Through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and specialized Designers we deliver proposals that adapt to your brand image. In this way we ensure that your vision is aligned with the Web Development proposal you are looking for.

Web development & custom web development services


Multiplatform and search engine optimized (SEO) design.

We make sure that your site works on all devices, being compatible with tablets, smartphones and computers/notebooks so that you can stand out not only in performance but also in multiplatforms.

Did you know that a large part of your clients will do so through mobile devices or tablets? We ensure that the development of web pages follows good practices so that you stand out in search engines for usability.

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Why should you strengthen your online presence with a website?

Did you know that there are more than 5.6 million searches per day on Google alone? There are millions of people with different needs globally who could find your product or service and if you are not on the internet you will lose the opportunity to have an extremely valuable showcase. It is no longer a luxury but a competitive necessity for your company. At Bakslash we specialize in web development in Chile and for the rest of the world.

Mejora tu presencia


Give formality to your brand and improve its presence through a website that allows you to position yourself in search engines such as Google or Bing. You can also highlight the contents of your business and create a community that supports you.

Posiciona tu marca


If you are not on the internet your existence is in doubt! A large part of traditional companies are migrating to digital systems and this is a great opportunity to position your brand in search engines and social networks.

Aumenta tus ventas


Millions of people could be looking for what you offer. Why miss the opportunity to get there? With a website you can generate new sales opportunities through contact forms, web pages with shopping carts and digital marketing actions.

¿What do we do in Web and App Development services?

As Back end front end, web and app development experts, we specialize in creating scalable and adaptable sites for any device, from cell phones and tablets to desktop computers. Additionally, our pages include interactive and personalized features that make the user experience attractive and engaging. #Web development #custom web development services #web and app development services

Our sites are made for your sucess


Contents easily indexable by Google. Getting your content indexed by Google is essential to appear in search results and, therefore, to generate more visits to your website with greater opportunities to generate conversions and sales.

¡Google has over 90% of searches worldwide! Social networks are becoming more relevant every day for your positioning strategy.

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We adjust your site to the most used tools so that you understand how your users interact with the different elements of your site. We prepare your site with event analysis tools, visit and usage metrics, heatmaps, A/B testing and others.

You will be able to measure and understand how your users arrive at your site and interact with your products.

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All our projects are adjusted to scale as your traffic increases, we also make sure that the performance meets the required regulations so that it stands out and adjusts to all devices at a transversal level.

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We adapt to your needs, we work developing self-managed websites with Wordpress or headless that integrate with your Backend front end web, and if you need, we can work with custom sites using the latest technologies and frameworks in the industry. If you have an immediate need and want to launch a Landing page for your campaign, we will accompany you, adapting to your times and requirements.

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Frequent questions (FAQ)

What is the period of time it will take to develop my project?

The time it takes to develop a project can vary widely and depends on several factors such as its complexity, the number of functions to be implemented, and the technology to be used, among others. That is why each project is unique and requires a detailed analysis to determine the time necessary for its development. At our first meeting, we will evaluate all of these factors to provide you with a realistic estimate of the time it will take to bring your idea to fruition. Our goal is to guarantee efficient, high-quality development, always maintaining open communication with you at every stage of the process.

Can you work with a partner that is already advancing part of my project?

Absolutely, we value collaboration and are more than willing to work together with other partners or teams that are already participating in your project. Our flexibility and experience allow us to integrate effectively with existing teams, helping to strengthen capabilities and ensuring the project progresses smoothly and coherently. At our first meeting, we can discuss the details of this collaboration to ensure we meet your expectations and align with project guidelines.